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Happiness, is one meeting away, and it’s a meeting with yourself!

DMT Consumption Guide: Smoking DMT for the first time can be a challenge. That is why I put together a list of all possible consumption methods. There are a set of “rules” one should follow to get the best out of it.


The beautiful thing about DMT is that it is not possible to overdose on it (DMT starts to become poisonous at about 6g). Don’t be afraid of taking a bit too much. When asked, most people will say 50mg is the correct amount. The truth is that it varies from person to person and that the technique is crucial. If you manage to vaporize 30mg correctly without burning anything you might have a stronger experience than with 50mg poorly handled DMT. 50mg is a good start nontheless and the amount I recommend to all beginners because it leaves room for mistakes. If it still does not work out, take the experience with you and don’t give up. Be relaxed. It’s a journey and you learn a lot on the way.

Once you become an experienced journeyer you can start using larger amounts of DMT to get deeper into the realm. The experience of 70mg+ can be overwhelming if you take DMT for the first time but once you get used to it you will no longer be afraid.



 The setting is very important. Be in a calm place where you are certain that nothing unexpected will happen. People randomly coming in and things like that can ruin the trip.

In case you live in a noisy environment it’s a good idea to use headphones and ambient/soothing music.

 Make sure you feel absolutely safe. Anything that bothers you should be removed. Don’t do it anywhere where you think you can feel scared or annoyed once you are tripping.

It is important that it’s very quiet. Only nice sounds are allowed (birds, waves etc). If you do it with someone else, they must shut the hell up! The only exception to that is when someone whispers into your ear to induce thoughts into your trip. That person should be experienced though.

For inspiration : On my first trip I was on a beach on sunset. My boyfriend at the time held the pipe for me and told me exactly what to do. I trusted him completely and after I was on the other side I felt the warmth of his presence.


If your favorite technique is not included in this guide, shoot me a message!

The smoking techniques are very important as DMT needs to be evaporated. It shouldn’t be burned because that would destroy the effects. You know the DMT is evaporated when you feel a hot sensation in your throat. If your technique is correct the DMT will be completely tasteless. If it’s harsh it’s because you burned some DMT. Even if you get the harsh taste just continue.

Inhalation: Once the DMT is evaporated you need to start inhaling deeply and slowly until you can’t keep going any more. Hold your breath for at least 10 seconds. Do it as long as possible. Else you will waste DMT once you exhale.

Take as many hits as you need to break through. Usually it’s 2-3. With a good technique and a little experience you will become able to breakthrough after one single hit.

If you do not break through all you will feel is a slight buzz and maybe some light hallucinations.

Important: If you fail you have to wait at least 1 hour before trying again, else you will just fail again as the body needs to recover.

If you are intimidated by DMT and wish to start slow you can inhale 15mg and slowly increase the amount until you finally break through. There is no shame in that.

No matter which method you end up choosing, be careful to hold your device in such a way that no liquid DMT can get out. The taste is very bad. Trust me, you don’t want to know.

 If you are going to do DMT regularly, get a dedicated device as the taste will never go away again.

 The boiling point of DMT is 160 °C (320 °F). You should use more energy in for a clean evaporation though.


Vaporizer: If you use a vaporizer the temperature should be set to around 230°C or 450°F. Depending on your vaporizer the temperature setting may vary. If the DMT turns liquid but does not boil and evaporate, try raising the temperature by 10% until it works.


Pen Vaporizers: Simply load your DMT into the chamber, activate and inhale once the DMT is evaporated. This is a very simple method and often results in a one hit break through.

Pipes/Bongs: For beginners the general rule is that if you are going to torch it, the flame must not touch the crystals.

Have some sort of buffer between the flame and the crystals, like a layer of ashes. If the flame touches the crystals, a lot will get wasted For the same reason the crystals should not touch the bottom of your pipe or bong.

There should be a layer of something like a bit of weed or some herbs or even some ashes to protect the crystals from heat.

Once you are more advanced you might get the hang of torching it just right so it evaporates even without any sort of buffer. It looks cool too!

Joints: Another method is smoking it with a joint. Yes, it does work if done correctly. Sprinkle the DMT crystals opposite to the end you will burn. The hot air will evaporate the Dream Sand as you inhale slowly and gradually. This method is not very precise and you might need to add a little more DMT than you would with the other methods.

Oil rigs: Torch the nail until it is hot red, then count roughly 25 seconds so the nail is nice and evenly hot at the right temperature. Then dab the nail into the DMT and start inhaling. If you get a harsh taste the nail needs to cool off a little longer. If the DMT does not evaporate you need to shorten the cool off time.

The trick is to first melt the DMT into the steel mesh. You do this by sprinkling your DMT dose on the mesh.

  1. approaching a flame ( I tilt the bottle in 45 degrees so the DMT will not fall off and melt) under the neck of the bottle with regular lighter from a distance of 4-5cm 1.5-2inch until the DMT melts.
  2. Another method that people use is to heat the neck of the bottle (bottle stand vertically) with torch lighter until DMT is melted.

Now you are ready to begin taking your hits. Hold the flame near the mesh and slowly inhale through the mouth hole. You should see the flame being sucked towards the mesh as you inhale. Make sure the flame doesn’t touch the mesh, keep it about an inch or 1.5 cm away. The idea is to evaporate the DMT by convection (hot air), not conduction.

E-cigarette: 1ml liquid is good for about 500mg DMT. Just mix them together and wait for a day for the DMT to fade away.

Best to use about 2g of DMT with 3 to 5ml and use a low dosage of mint flavor liquid to cancel out the plastic taste of DMT.

Evaporate at 10-15 Watts so the DMT does not get burned. With those dosages you will need about 4-5 hits and then you will be in hyperspace.


This guide was written by Noumena. You are forever in our hearts!

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