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 2g     | 220 €  | 110 € per gram

3,5g     | 310 €  | 85 € per gram

  7g     | 595 €  | 85 €  per gram

 14g    | 980 €  | 70 €  per gram

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Pure cocaine, straight off the brick !

Domestic delivery from the US to US
5 Days Delivery time (USPS Priority mail)

We have fantastic batchs of clean cocaine directly sourced from Bolivia. This Bolivian is just off pure white and is of a flake texture. This product is as unadulterated as it gets, this is for the cocaine connoisseurs out there, the people that really know there cocaine. This will give you a mellow high and a long lasting euphoric feeling and the come down is basically non-existent because it is not Moorish, even the next day you will not feel a come down from the stuff.

Most shit you try you need at least 4 drinks before you have a line. Not this stuff ! When you sniff this you won’t feel it going up your nose, yes it is that clean.

All you get is that lovely smell of pure cocaine and numbness. I could talk about this product all day but I have said enough I will leave it to you guys to experience the Bolivian brick.

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1 review for Coke (USA to USA Only)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    HayesM (verified owner)

    This stuff is so pure and high quality that you might have a hard time believing that THIS is what REAL coke is, not some adderrall/amphetamine cut junk your dealer sold you in college. No, this stuff is ‘calming’ almost, while waves of euphoria wash over you. I had a friend come over to try some of it out yesterday, mind you this friend of mine is a REAL Florida man, grew up on Marco Island in the 90’s and was big into coke during those wild times. As soon as he smelled the bag he knew it was gas, he said he hadn’t smelled anything that pure since the 90’s. Thats a certified floridaman review right there, and I agree. Product is phenomenal.

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